Android Game Review: Quick Hits – Civic Incivility

Civic Incivility Dawkins Creations

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Politicians come and go; every few years we get new ones, or old ones with new stripes, fancier words and catchphrases.  They all have one thing in common – I’d enjoy seeing any of them pair off to beat the crap out of each other, Street Fighter style.

Civic Incivility gives me just that; the ability to pit Romney vs. Obama in a no-topics-barred Debate grunge match, cleverly ‘interpreted’ as a fighting game.  While not the most comprehensive fighter I’ve ever played (extremely simple controls, not a lot to the game, frankly), it is great at what it was designed to do – allow you to pummel your least favorite candidate with your favorite one, and show your friends for laughs.

Battle – er… debate your way across the United States, brawling – um… campaigning against your adversary and show them no mercy.  “Verbal” kicks, punches, tosses of campaign buttons make up your basic arsenal, while special moves include chucking a Healthcare Bill at your opponents face, or causing an oil well to gush under them; even call in a missile strike!

Just when Romney thought he was striking a decisive blow, HEALTH CARE BILL TO THE FACE

I’d happily recommend anybody try it (the ads are very easy to live with/ignore, and there’s no nasty lurking permissions to worry about) if they want in on the potential-president-punching-and-kicking-action. Thanks to Android Police for featuring this as a ‘WTF’ app of the past two weeks and allowing me to find it.



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