The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 7/12/2012

Earlier this week Team Kang completed their journey through the cold of Ice Cream Sandwich, releasing their final ICS version: AOKP Milestone 6.  With Android 4.1 (Jellybean) on the horizon, this is the last ICS ROM I will ever use.

This build is pretty much just a polished,nearly bugless culmination of all of their builds to date.  It is fantastic.  It contains an extra little bonus for me; two wallpapers I made have made it right into the ROM!  I finally got to contribute a little more than just my willingness to be the team social media manager!

I’m using one of the most popular themes available on the Play Store – the extremely polished, slick, feature-rich, and FREE Cobalt by dustinb (follow him on Twitter, he has criminally few followers).  It is gorgeous from top to bottom, with a ton of themed icons, and tweaks in places you wouldn’t expect.  I especially love how it changes your Gmail, and replaces several other popular apps’ backgrounds with either nice black/blue design or makes them transparent.  Literally the only thing I don’t like about his themes is his GTalk icon; it’s clever, but looks kind of fugly beside the other icons I prefer on my Nova Launcher dock.

Cobalt comes in several flavors, including Cotton Candy (pink), Purple Kush (…purple), Crimson (…red), Kiwi (green) and Gunmetal (gray).  All of his themes are available for free – but here I’ve linked his only donate version, to both urge you to purchase it to support this unselfish developer, and to make you do the work clicking to get them all.


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