The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 7/19/2012 Featuring an Alpha Build Teaser of AOKP B41 (JB)

In a week cluttered with job and money related woes, physical ailments and injuries, the arrival of my utterly amazing Nexus 7, and spending free time playing games and giggling like an idiot at the graphics a Tegra3 processor gets me, I’ve posted 0 reviews.  My bad, folks.  Hope this makes up for it; a sneak preview at a VERY early test build of AOKP Build 41, … or should I say, Build 4.1.1!

Jellybean and AOKP are going to make beautiful music together.  This test build had a somewhat janky start (extra long Google screens on reboot scared me), but was very stable, with everything I tested working.  Telephony and text – no problem.  Bluetooth?  Yeah, that works.  3G/4G/WiFi?  Went weird on me at first, but after a quick airplane mode toggle, worked fine.  Sound is working. Google Now is go.  No issues with the Gapps.

This build is essentially stock JB with some tasty bits of ROM Control in it – namely, the clock options (including one rather amusing one), and the toggles, including the all-important Swagger.

Swagger was off otherwise I would have been up to my waist in the bodies of girls drawn to me by it who didn’t see my wife there with a blunt object. (Oh, okay. I just forgot to turn it on. You win.)

It wasn’t much, but it was enough to show that we’ve got a great foundation to get this build off the ground.  Remember, these guys started from scratch for this, because they didn’t want to have a sloppy ROM… so it’s taking some time.

Test synopsis and conclusion: AOKP b41 cost JB none of its speed and fluidity and will keep it that way, while adding the features we’ve grown to need, piece by piece.

NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN OF DE CLOCK! (Disclaimer: inside joke)



One thought on “The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 7/19/2012 Featuring an Alpha Build Teaser of AOKP B41 (JB)

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