CruzerLite Galaxy Nexus Case Twitter Giveaway!

So, here’s the story.  I placed an order with the fine people at CruzerLite for one AOKP case, and two different RootzWiki cases, all for my Galaxy Nexus.  I thought the story would end there.  I was wrong – I received the exact same order twice, and CruzerLite hadn’t charged me for the second set!

I have a pretty good relationship with the fine folks at CruzerLite (they’re selling a T-Shirt I designed, after all) so I brought the mistake to their attention.  They said, “Oops!”  I then asked if rather than mailing them back to them I could give them out in a little contest, and they said, “Sure!” – so I will!

Here’s how you can win!

  • Follow @Just_Reboot on Twitter.
    I’m not using this contest to hoard followers, so if you don’t win and unfollow immediately afterwards, no hard feelings.  This is simply so that if you do win, I can follow you back and send you direct messages to get your info.  If you don’t unfollow me though, hey, hope you enjoy my Tweets!

  • Tweet the following:

    I’d like to win an awesome Galaxy Nexus @CruzerLite case from @Just_Reboot please!

  • Wait.

That’s it!  Here’s the fine print, though, presented to you in regular-sized print.  I’m not doing this as part of a sponsored contest, I’m doing this because CruzerLite said it was cool and I think it’ll be fun.  Here are the official RULES of the contest.

  1. You cannot choose which case you get.  The winners will be chosen at random from all the posts of the tweet above, and I’ll blindly shove the cases into envelopes with no regard for who gets which one.  Sorry!

  2. If you post this tweet a whole bunch of times and I notice, you will not win.  POST IT JUST ONCE.

  3. This contest is coming entirely out of my own pocket, so I’m afraid I need to screw over most of the planet.  This contest is USA only.  I cannot afford international shipping.  Sorry guys, when times are less lean I will do some kind of international thing to make up for it.

    Contest ends August 5th, 2012, at 12:00AM EST, and winners will be selected and announced the following day.


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