Android Game Review Special: Nexus 7 Week! – Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III Square Enix Co., Ltd.


This week I’ll be reviewing the games that have been eating the vast majority of my time on my Nexus 7!  Strap in and enjoy!

One of the toughest decisions of my Android life was whether or not to shell out the relatively huge price to pick up this game.  However… my brand spankin’ new awesome gorgeous super-duper badass wicked sweet (I like it a lot) Nexus 7 came with 25 dollars worth of Play Store credit, which made the decision to take the plunge and purchase a game from what is easily my favorite series of video games of all time a great deal less painful.  Everything after the word ‘However’ you just read was one long-ass sentence.

This really brings me back.  I remember being 11 years old in early 1992, getting to play this game at a friend’s house who happened to have imported this game and the Famicom, puzzling over all the rune-like text and getting slaughtered by every other group of monsters… well, not this game, the original.  This game is a port of the wildly successful 3D re-release on Nintendo DS in 2006.

This game is beautiful.  Dat music!  I would have to say it is as close to on-par with the DS version as it can be.  Everything works exactly like you would expect it to on a console.  Truly, this game is a coding success.  Integration with the touch controls for Android devices has been flawless in my testing.  Look, feel, ease of use – I can’t overstate how great it is. The only issue I’ve encountered on that on a few occasions I’ve accidentally double-tapped something I didn’t mean to.

As for the quality of the game… I love it.  It is everything I remember about the original, except it’s in English and the graphics have been completely remastered.  For once, a remake of something is a true improvement from the original.

The best part… the VERY best part … is that it is the exact same game.  It is an old-school RPG.  This game does NOT coddle you whatsoever – not like the games of today.  It is HARD.  You need to grind levels and stockpile resources.  You need to plan your routes carefully.  Often, unless you cheat and grab a guide, you will have no idea what the hell you need to do next.  You need to save constantly.  You need to save constantly.  YOU NEED TO SAVE CONSTANTLY.

If you’ve never played Final Fantasy III, sorry about the spoilers.  You guide a rag-tag foursome of orphans to saving the world, making them learn different jobs (and play different roles in your party as a result) along the way.  Big overworld, turn-based battles, cities and towns, nasty surprises… several RPGs you may have played over the last two decades have taken cues from this classic.


I’m out of things to say about the game, really.  I love it.  I’m going to post a bunch of screens, and then go to the TL;DR.  My bottom line is this – it is worth the money it costs and then some… unless you don’t like RPGs.  In that case, you can spend the same amount of money on half a dozen or more other games.

I absolutely adore Moogles. They’re in every city and town, acting as the postmasters for your party.

Sincerely was half-expecting a yaoi subplot at this point.

Oh, Cid. Even while a weird rubber-band person, always gets right to the point.

Nitwits that dance at you are scattered throughout the world, and I still have no idea why. I intend to find out.


  • Flawlessly executed.  My choice for best overall game on Android – but then again, I have always loved the Final Fantasy series.
  • Yes, 16 dollars is a LOT of money for an app.  I found it to be worth it, but you may not if you aren’t into old-school RPGs.
  • Pulls no punches – it is every bit as hard and demanding (grind-wise) as the original.  Will confuse a casual gamer, and even the hardcore may reach for a guide.  Very linear despite the open world.
  • Good for nearly 4 hours of uninterrupted play time on the Nexus 7 before you need to recharge.

It is a terrible idea to tangle with the Nepto Dragon… but don’t worry, it’s cool baby – I SAVED. *Phew*


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