The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 8/2/2012

AOKP has taken a brand new approach, now releasing “nightly” builds as features get poured into the ROM.  Team Kang has released several “nightlies”, but I’ve been both too attached to my M6 features and too lazy to try them, until now.  After a great deal of peer pressure and a lot of jealousy of the screenshots of others, I finally took the plunge with the toro 8/1 nightly.  I gotta say… I love the results.

Jellybean-flavored AOKP is incredibly fast and smooth.  The Project Butter shows, big time; nothing the team has added has taken away from it.  Feature-wise, it’s still a fair distance to go to compete with Milestone 6 of the ICS builds… but I’m ~just~ satisfied enough to cope with what I’m missing.  New features such as sliding your finger along the status bar to adjust brightness and tuning the flash frequency of your LED light add icing to an already deliciously buttery cake.

Simple Swagger has a seriously cool Navigation Bar glow.

I’m using Simple Swagger by jatx2wne again; I love this theme, and it works wonderfully on Jellybean, even theming the lockscreen!  The icons I’m using are courtesy of Tha PHLASH, bought for a modest fee within his ‘Tha Icon‘ app.  The app is kind of rubbish (Sorry Mr. Hancock) but it does what it needs to do, which is get you these excellent icons – check it out, and support our good friend Tha PHLASH who also created AOKP’s new logo.  Also found on my homescreens (I use 3) are my trusty Wizz Calendar and Plume widgets, and the clock is Beautiful Widgets – dS Brilliance clock, TinyWhite weather.

I <3 Google Now

I think the next project I’m going to undertake is upgrading to newer 3G/4G radios.  I’m still using the 4.0.2 or 3 radios… I don’t know… old ones, and I get picked on when people see that in my screenshots.

Old radios, yes – my next project. Nice shiny new ROM, though!


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