The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 8/9/2012

My poor, poor Galaxy Nexus.  Up until quite recently, it had been my bosom buddy, spending hours entertaining and working for me, being truly a partner in all of my times of want, as well as need.  Now, it is asked merely to do the most menial of tasks; lately all I’ve been using it for is to read Twitter, play podcasts, and … ~shudder~ make and receive phone calls.

w/ NateModz Red

The spotlight has been completely stolen by its little big brother the Nexus 7, which remains stock and unrooted – and will likely remain so until I finish Final Fantasy III.  I spend so much more time reading eBooks and gaming on my Nexus 7 than I do anything with my GNex that I feel guilty about it.  Such is life, but I’m writing this TO my phone to let it know I still treasure it, and that it shouldn’t feel so jealous and hurt – after all, the newbie in the household can’t fly without wifi, which the Galaxy Nexus is often forced to provide for it!

w/ LEDed by Hooolm

Right now I’m running AOKP JB Toro nightly from August 5th.  It’s super stable, with minor ROM Control battery drain issues, and is tiding me over until later today when I flash the 8/8 nightly.  I’ve been alternating between NateModz Red and the dope new theme by Hooolm called LEDed for my theme daily driver.


One thought on “The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 8/9/2012

  1. Since I got a tablet (HP TouchPad, AOKP B40), all my gaming and reading has gone over to it from my phone (DInc, AOKP B40) too. With MySMS to sync texts, I basically ignore my phone.

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