Android Game Review: Quick Hits – OrbTap

OrbTap Jaxel Studios


Simplicity.  It is a trait sought after by the minimalist, and by the weary.  When life is complicated, simple pleasures are often ones dearest comfort.  As it is in life, it can be in games, as well.  Amongst the dazzling colors and myriad sounds of the Android game environment, one who has borne the assault on their senses for so long can crave simplicity as well.  That is the space in which games like OrbTap can achieve their glory.

Okay… you’re asking a lot, but I think I can handle that.

All you do in OrbTap is tap two orbs as many times as possible over the course of 30 seconds.  The orbs move to a random location when tapped.  Orbs will also randomly turn red – hit a red one and the game ends prematurely.  Once you hit a red one or the 30 seconds is up, you see your score.  That’s it.  Game over.

OrbTap is the product of 6 hours of work between student and teacher.  The result was a pleasant diversion from the flashy, feature-rich,  in-your-face apps crowding the Top Download and Top Grossing game lists… a relaxing time waster.  You may remember Jaxel Studios as the developer who gave us the less-than-exciting MOTR Coin Flip “game” a few months ago.  I will say as an honest critic that OrbTap is a step in the right direction for them.

A lot of opportunities for immaturity presented itself while writing this review.  The blurb for this piece was very nearly “Bored?  Take half a minute to finger your balls!”  Thankfully, good taste and sound judgment won the day.


  • A nice way to murder 30 seconds whenever you need to.
  • A solid step in the right direction for Jaxel Studios.
  • Simple can be a good thing.
  • Really free; no ads that I’d noticed.
  • I’ve had enough of it for now; back to the fancy apps!

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