The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 9/14/2012

My newly replaced Galaxy Nexus has been unlocked, rooted, and has had AOKP JB toro nightly 8/29 flashed on it, and is working like a champ.  I was very lucky to get a refurb that wasn’t a total disaster.

The theme I’m using at current is the gorgeous Gold Edge by @c_hale22.  I wanted a diversion from my typical blues, reds, and black and white – and found it.  I’m a lot richer for having experienced Gold Edge.

Locked up like Fort Knox, yo!

It is a very complete theme; Plume widget, GMail, Play Store, MMS, Dialer, tons of icons, great custom animated status bar icons, and a lot more… our featured themer really put a lot of quality effort into this, and I can’t recommend it enough.  Check out a few more screenies below, and when you buy the theme, leave it a 5-star rating saying that JUST REBOOT! sent ya.


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