The State of my Galaxy Nexus… Make That Nexus 7 This Week 9/28/2012

Going to talk about my Nexus 7 this week on the basis that not a lot has changed on my phone, and that the theme I’m using on it is Optics by @jatx2wne, maker of previously featured theme Simple Swagger.  It had a nice little review already by my friends at Android Dissected, so I figure, hey, why steal their thunder?

I’m running AOKP Build 3 on my Nexus 7 and on my wife’s new Nexus 7 – it is awesome.  I highly recommend it.  Bitchin’ features are coming every build, and they’re things I find I can’t live without… such as being able to add shortcuts to the Google Now ring and a toggle for NFC.  I could go on about AOKP for hours, but I won’t because I’m lazy and pressed for time – I’m going to brag about how I’ve finally gotten around to fully exploring the excellent features of Nova Launcher.

Swiping down with two fingers opens the app drawer thanks to Nova Launcher, eliminating the need to waste a dock slot on a button for it. Natemodz Red, by the way.

Nova Launcher has evolved at an incredible pace, especially if you’ve sprung for the Prime unlocker; the only other app out there that has made such intuitive and quick adjustments to the ever-changing Android environment that I’ve seen is Titanium Backup.  It is the ideal launcher to go with Jelly Bean ROMs of all shapes and sizes.  You may notice I don’t rock any widgets these days on the N7 – I don’t even run more than 1 home screen!

This is the feature I’ve recently fell in love with – App Groups.  You can compartmentalize your entire app drawer, making finding exactly what you’re looking for infinitely easy… so easy that it’s eliminated my need for folders full of shortcuts on my home screen.  Takes a little bit of doing, but thanks to being able to back up Nova settings, I won’t have to worry about doing it again for a long time.

Anything I download goes into ‘New Apps’, and from there I can categorize it. Swiping from side to side switches between the groups, making for fantastically easy access to all the things.


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