About the Author

Frequently posting as deidein (reddit) or Just_Reboot, I am a 31 year old full-time Tier 2 IT Analyst that began this blog as a hobby in my spare time.  I’m an average guy with average talents; I work 40 hour weeks, and spend time with my wife and family.  My car is economical and ten years old, and aside from my job, I don’t have other income.

I began my path towards being passionate about Android and writing about it in 2009 when I upgraded from an enV2 flip phone to the Droid 2.  Once I was assimilated into the smartphone collective, I never looked back; and have played and played and tested and tested ever since.

Aside from Android, I like to post about other things that interest me; IT in general, Windows, Anime, Video Games, hell I even had a political post.  Sometimes I will bitch and whine and be emo like any other blog, but to spare you I try to leave those listed as private.  I’m just a jerk with a cool phone and access to computers.

My writing is from the perspective of someone just like you; someone who doesn’t have literally all day to research and write about Android, someone who has better things to do sometimes, someone who isn’t getting paid to tell you what companies want you to think.  I’m just a guy who really enjoys having a cool phone with cool apps, and if one person buys or doesn’t buy an app on my word, I’m thrilled to hear about it.

The games I review are from this point of view.  I’m not going to beat a game start to finish and write my review; I’m going to write it after an hour or two just to let you know whether or not it was worth the buck you spent, or worth ignoring the ads or attempts to get you into the cash shop.  That’s all.  If I can make you laugh in the process, I’m a happy camper.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it, and all of your comments, questions, and concerns are my pleasure to answer.



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