Ewww, I’ve only posted twice this month… oh well. Happy Halloween!

Between AOKP, The Big Android BBQ, life, and everything else, this site has been pretty dead lately.  Can’t exactly promise a change anytime soon, either.  I will say that it isn’t dead though, and I do ultimately plan to post more again…. just not sure with what kinda direction.  Definitely need to get a State of my GNex this week.


Anywho, BOO!


Milestone Day! 10,000 Views!

Today JUST REBOOT! has surpassed the 10,000 views mark, 9,942 of those views being only since around this past Christmas, when I started doing Android game and app reviews in earnest.  Thanks for all your support, and do look forward to more from us!

Today I will be celebrating by taking the time to enjoy some of the games I’ve been stockpiling – Hang tight, regular content again tomorrow!