As Promised – Me Dancing Like a Fool.

I promised on Twitter that I’d do a stupid little dance and post it to YouTube in the event I reached 1,000 followers.  I did.  Never let it be said that I do not keep my promises.  Enjoy.


TODAY ONLY News: Rocket Weasel Full Game Free on Amazon App Store

Be sure to grab the full install of Rocket Weasel from Freeze Tag Games today from the Amazon App Store – They’ve released an ENORMOUS update to it recently which significantly improved the gameplay and added even more content to an already rich app.  For those of you who’ve already abandoned the Amazon App Store, this is one of the rare quality games you get as the free app of the day.

See my review of the game and my interview with the CEO of Freeze Tag Games Craig Holland HERE, and then go snatch up Rocket Weasel and save those students from the farmer!