Many Links!


  • Android on reddit – The main reddit for Android, there are also subreddits for Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android Gaming, and many more.  Explore reddit, it really is the front page of the internet.  Caution: between your interests and the interests of the world at large, reddit may completely begin to dominate your time on the web.  This is normal, do not panic.  This and/or this can help.  Sort of.
  • Android Police
  • Droid Life
  • Phandroid
  • Android Central
  • Appolicious Articles – nice resource for news and reviews on Android Apps and Games – the sheer volume of apps they look at is astonishing.  (Why would I link another Android App Review site?  Very simple; all reviews are subjective.  There’s nothing wrong with reading a different point of view!  After all, that’s why you’re willing to read mine, right?)
  • xda-developers – XDA Developers was founded for developers by developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.
  • RootzWiki – like xda-developers but exclusively Android-focused.  Tons of excellent developers talk shop and exchange their builds here – oftentimes here first!
  • AOKP – The home of the best ROM available – the buttery, unicorn-powered AOKP from @romanbb and Team Kang.  – its new forum home is its very own corner of RootzWiki!


  • Engadget – web magazine with obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics.
  • The Verge – like Engadget, only with writers who used to work for Engadget.  They’re like Coke and Pepsi.  Pretty much the same, but one flavor will likely work better for you.


  • The Hotshot Whiz Kids – longtime friends of mine, these guys chat and argue about a wide range of subjects, and drop gems of funny throughout.  Great podcast.
  • Not Always Right – stories from people in customer service and retail around the world about customers, and how they’re not always right.  Hilarious.  Helpdesk Rants was partly inspired by this site.


  • Droidaphile – Irish fellow bloggers in it for the love of Android!
  • Another Day, Another Face – Where my beautiful and talented wife blogs about life in general, living with anxiety, reflections on quotations, philosophy, and more.  She supports me every day in every aspect of my life; even my geeky hobbies.  The very least I can do is link her fascinating blog!
  • Desk Quixote – Thoughts From a Cubicle Bound Mind – one of our good friends’ blog, capturing her often witty thoughts and observations out of the daydreams had within the cubicle walls.  An excellent writer with a degree in English, she has a very polished writing style that helps along the content very nicely.  See also her blog focusing on book reviews: Voraciously.
  • Lovably Landlocked – Another good friend of mine; her new blog is about her life as a snarky, sexy, snake-owning hip person in Nebraska.  Worth a glance for the first picture of her snake alone!  Also, there’s content on the way!

More links to come as and when they occur to me to add them!  Check back frequently!  Have a link I should check out, or perhaps should be added here?  Drop it in the comments, or hit up the Contact page!  If you’d like, feel free to use the image below to linkback to JUST REBOOT!

An Every-Man Monitor Slave Takes On Android Apps, Helpdesk Humor, IT Help, and More!

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